Recipe Book AND Cooking Demonstration Designed by Leading Sports Dietitians

Brought to you by iPerformance Nutrition (iPN)

At iPN we are everyday athletes. We are mums. We have an insane fixation with sports nutrition and tasty food. We love the journey, and seeing people exceed their goals. 

Our personal passion for exercise started in human movement science but discovering the weapon of prescriptive nutrition led us to become performance nutrition coaches. iPN aims to improve athletes of every level across a multitude of sports from weekend warrior, avid gym-goer to professional, we've seen it all.  

This package includes our finest selections from an accumulation of many years practice and wisdom and is finally available at the special price of only $14.95ea.


Prescriptive, nutritious and delicious whole food recipes designed for ultimate health and optimal performance.


5 tasty recipes that can be easily prepared in your own kitchen that have been hand-selected by sports nutrition experts for their fuelling and recovery nutrition qualities 


That's right! Not only will you receive the detailed instructions of how to create the recipes in your own kitchen but a complimentary video demonstration of their creation PLUS expect to be educated on the reasons behind why each ingredient has been chosen in the correct amounts. 


Empower food choices by increasing your knowledge and understanding of the importance of when to consume certain nutrients to enhance your recovery and ensure optimal refuelling and hydration for your next session. 


We believe this is the path to keep the pleasure in eating AND get a result in training. Prescriptive NOT restrictive. The more you develop into the athlete you are born to be, the more fuel you need to power your activity and the more your energy needs should fluctuate based on your training load. 


Prescriptive meals target individual needs but nutritious food that can be made to look and taste delicious is imperative. 


We combine our industry experience with our personal values and biased taste buds, along with cutting-edge research to deliver advice that is clear and practical. 

“Thanks you so much for all you do for us. You are a super source of knowledge & food inspo & I’m so grateful we have you to guide us” 

Anita R - Everyday Athlete

“Giving people information on how to eat to fuel their performance is great - but actually demonstrating that information in a practical setting whilst simultaneously providing the rationale behind it just takes it to that next level. To me, this is the best motivational tool around.”

Karen H - Everyday Athlete

“Thanks Ange, loving the new food & the missus rates me now!”

Matt W - Everyday Athlete

Why Cook?

“In our hectic lifestyles, we seem to have lost a vital survival skill. Nutrition is a basic need, but the solution can not be found in ready-made meals or fast food outlets. It’s time to embrace and reclaim our cooking abilities! Get passionate about cooking, reconnect with your food and put some effort into something that I guarantee can only IMPROVE the quality of your LIFE! ” ~ Angie Clark ~  

Recipes Based On Super-Fuel Whole Foods

Sports nutrition is not just for top athletes. There is a winning edge that can be achieved through intelligent food choices that as a by-product, contributes to better health and enhances your training efforts. 80% of performance (at ANY level) can be attributed to the quality of what you eat consistently day in day out. So ask yourself how well are you performing in health/life/exercise now? There is an athlete waiting to emerge in EVERY ONE of us! With our combined 20yrs experience in sports nutrition, we're delighted to bring you a cluster of amazing recipes combined with nutrition science knowledge that will have you thinking scientifically and enjoying food for its nutritional value. We think you’ll also be amazed by its effect. 

A Word From The Author

In my 11 years of professional practice, I have complimented a multitude of sports at many levels with nutrition prescription, but it might just be the parent in me that woke up one day not too long ago and thought – there must be more to nutrition than just performance enhancement. I started to care about where my food came from and I started to realise that cooking was a skill that most of us had lost. My drive then became about increasing awareness of the undisputed benefits plant-based whole food and how to create delicious meals that by default also supported optimal longevity and a healthier planet. It just so happens this an awesome way to improve sporting performance! I am so pleased to now have a platform where I can impart my professional knowledge on a much larger scale to inspire the athlete in each of us. 

Angie Clark - Sports Dietitian, Performance Nutritionist & Exercise Physiologist


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